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his adventures

By Sarah Horsfall

The Owlbert series –

a collection of rhyming books to help children, parents and teachers discuss certain issues with those around them.


Hello, my name is Sarah.

I was born and raised in Southampton as an only child. We lived in a house next door to my Grandparents which was perfect! My Grandfather and I would spend hours creating songs and stories around the games and adventures we had together. He always had a song to sing!

My Mother always taught me to learn through poetry. She started to write me little verses from a young age and by the time I was at University, she would write acrostic poems to help me remember the key points for an exam.

As a child and young adult, I would write animated journals and play the piano to unwind. I studied Law at Bournemouth University. I now work in childcare and volunteer at my children’s school. I am married to Daniel and have two children called Lilia and Eva.

Why do I write?
There have been several times during my time as a Mum when I have wanted to talk to my children about their worries, fears or about a topic that they find difficult to understand. It isn’t easy to find resources aimed at four to eight year olds and this is the aim of the Owlbert series.

When I began to write, they naturally seemed to come out in verse. It’s not always a traditional verse, but it is in a style that I hope the children reading it will enjoy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the books that I have written so far. There are lots more in the pipeline and I cannot wait to share those with you in the future.

The blog on my website is designed to keep you informed of the latest releases. Please get in touch if there are specific topics that you would like me to write about.

Sarah horsfall

/ Author

OWLBERT on life after Lockdown

Miss Green has asked Owlbert To speak to the whole class, About how their classroom is changing, Because life after 'lockdown' Will mean some rearranging



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